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What is Holistic Healing? 



A Holistic Healing approach to your health may involve a variety of Healing Modalities which treat you as a whole person, rather than treating separate symptoms as they arise.  Rather than examining an illness or set of conditions independently, as in traditional Western approaches, Holistic Healing incorporates your overall physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being into chosen healing modalities. 


A Holistic Health Practitioner contemplates the symptoms you are experiencing while seeking to discover the underlying cause of those symptoms.  A set of symptoms which may signify illness in Western Healing Approaches is viewed in Holistic Healing as an imbalance in the body’s energetic systems.  Holistic Healing works to prevent dis-ease or imbalance by placing an emphasis on optimizing health, which is the body’s natural state.  Holistic Modalities emphasize proper care and maintenance of the body and mitigation of situations which cause you to reach a state of imbalance. They work well when used in conjunction with Traditional Western Healing Approaches.  


The Principle of Holistic Healing is to balance the body, mind, spirit, and emotions so that your whole being functions efficiently. When Holistic Healing is implemented for one set of symptoms or conditions, you may notice that other symptoms or conditions improve without direct action, which is the ultimate goal.


Bach Flower Remedies, Plant & Mineral Homeopathic Energetic Remedies and Reiki are all forms of Energetic Healing Modalities which involve the Spiritual Vital Force. Each is distinctly unique yet they all work together in an effort to allow you to reach a state of Ease and Harmony by activating your own innate healing abilities. 

Energetic Healing is a term for therapies that act on the energy or Spiritual Vital Force in our bodies.  Bach Flower Essences, Plant & Mineral Homeopathic Energetic Remedies and Reiki fall under the heading of “Energetic Healing”.  Holistic Health Practitioners are often trained in several Healing Modalities which they combine in a unique way. 


The health of our Energetic Being, or Spiritual Vital Force,  determines our Mental, Emotional and Spiritual well-being. If our energy systems are clear and balanced we are better able to deal positively with situations and circumstances which might otherwise be perceived as stress.



What is E​nergetic Healing?  


Energetic Remedies 

Plant & Mineral  Homeopathic Energetic Remedies are  a safe, gentle, and natural system of restoration that work with your Body and your Spiritual Vital Force  to relieve symptoms, restore, and improve your overall health. 

These Remedies – are made from natural sources and are environmentally friendly and cruelty free. They are extremely affordable.  Plant & Mineral Remedies  are safe when used as directed. and are given in nano doses.

Plant & Mineral Homeopathic Energetic Remedies involve providing restoration of the Spiritual Vital Force in accordance with Hahnemanian Principles through the use of remedies which are diluted beyond the concentration of substances in drinking water and prepared in the manner described in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States. 


Bach Flower Remedies

There are 38 remedies in the Bach Flower System. All of them were discovered in the 1920's and 1930's by Dr. Edward Bach, a well-known bacteriologist, physician and pathologist. Each Flower, Plant or Mineral is associated with a Basic Human Emotion. 


The remedies are in liquid form so that you can mix together the ones you need to help balance your current emotional situation. Dr. Bach believed that restoration on an emotional level has positive effects on many other levels. A healthy emotional life and a balanced personality will allow your body to find its own natural state of health.


The Bach Flower remedies are made using one of two methods:  Dr. Bach devised the sun method for certain plants – mostly the more delicate flowers. The sun method involves floating the flower heads in pure water in direct sunlight.


For others – mostly the woodier plants and those that bloom when the sun is weak – he created the boiling method in which the flowering parts of the plant are boiled in pure water.

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Touch-Free Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing.   The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words - Rei which means "God's Wisdom" or  "Higher Power" and Ki which is "life force energy". So Reiki is actually "spiritually guided life force energy."

It is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" or Spiritual Vital Force flows through all of us.  If one's "life Force Energy" or Spiritual Vital Force is low, one is more likely to get sick or feel stress. and if it is high, one is more capable of being happy and healthy.

This "life force energy" may be safely administered through the hands which are held slightly above the body. It is possible to provide Reiki over near or far distances this is known as "distance Reiki". 

A Reiki treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you. Reiki benefits the whole person: body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many favorable effects that may include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and well being. 

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